This is what Zested Lemon is all about.



I teach people how to pick the right foods, create meals quickly and enjoy the food they eat so they can do it on their own.

The focus is on getting healthy and making it a habit by providing the right knowledge, tools and resources needed to succeed despite busy schedules. 



First, we focus on what we should eat more of instead of what we should eat less of. When you start eating more of the healthy stuff, you naturally start eating less of the unhealthy stuff without feeling deprived, restricted or unsatisfied. 

Second, we don't depend on willpower to maintain a healthy diet. Instead we use a variety of different strategies, skills and methods to make eating well in everyday life sustainable.   



My name is Rachel and I am the creator of Zested Lemon. Long story short, my diet used to be pretty terrible . One day I decided to change that.

Over the next several years I learned what healthy actually meant. Through much trial and error I taught myself how to quickly prepare meals and consistently eat well despite my hectic lifestyle. 

Now, I'm here to help others do the same but in a fraction of the time.

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Want to start eating better now? 

 Download my free 58 page "New Healthy Foodie Triple Pack" to jumpstart healthy habits.

The 5-for-1 Cooking Method - How I meal prep a variety of different meals in the time it takes to prep one. 

The Healthy Recipe Mini Guide - The basics of making healthy meals with minimal time and effort. 

The Healthy Meal Framework - The 4-step process I use to make healthy meals when I don't have time to meal plan or prep.