How to Cook Beets without the Mess

Hello all my beet lovers! I don't know about you but beets make my heart sing! One of my favorite food combos is good old beets and goat cheese. Add some nuts or crunchy  greens and OH MY GOD. Deliciousness is born! I like beets raw, juiced and cooked. I'm even working on an AWESOME beet taco recipe that will be coming to the blog soon! 

Yes, beets are tasty, beautiful and hella good for you... but (there is always a but isn't there?!) they are a pain in the butt to cook! The coloring from purple beets stains like crazy and bleeds everywhere once the beets are cooked. I can't tell you how many times I've cooked beets and then removed the peels from the beets only to have my entire kitchen look like a scene from a gruesome horror movie. Yikes. 

HOWEVER, I have good news! There is a quick and easy way to cook beets without the mess. Checkout the infographic below for step by step instructions! The key to avoiding beet juice getting everywhere and staining everything is to peel them BEFORE cooking them. Beets bleed WAY less prior to cooking and hardly make a mess at all! TIP: Put plastic wrap on your cutting board or work surface for easy cleanup and to avoid any chance of staining light surfaces. Also, washing your hands immediately after peeling the beets will remove the small amount of red beet juice. Once the beets are peeled simply pop those little purple and gold beauties in the microwave. This is the quickest, easiest and cleanest way to cook beets! Happy cooking! 

Cooking Times

Small beets (less than 2" in diameter) cook time = 3 minutes/flip/2-3 minutes.

Medium beets (2"-2.5" in diameter) cook time = 4 minutes/flip/3 minutes.

Large beets* (3"+ in diameter) cook time = 5 minutes/flip/3 minutes.

*Large beets may be tough and/or lack the flavor of small to medium sized beets. 

How to Cook Beets without the Mess (1).png