My Favorite Things



These dishes are absolutely beautiful and they really make the food look like the rock star! I use them daily and you can see them featured in my blog posts!



Tasting Bowls

I love these little guys because they are perfect for individual sauces! They are also great for tasting parties or appetizer portions with cocktails.



Cutting Board

This cutting board is a stunner. It is large and it absolutely beautiful. It is so damn pretty, I actually keep in out on my counter 24/7... Is that weird?



POP Containers

Say goodbye to the messy cabinets and lost ingredients. I use these for EVERYTHING from flour to pasta to nuts. It keeps my cabinets organized and clean which makes me like being in the kitchen and cooking even more.




Mini Food Processor

It is WAY smaller than a standard food processor making it much easier to store and clean. It saves you so much chopping time and is amazing for sauces like Chimichurri! I know this entire page includes "my favorite things" but I especially love my mini food processor.




Pink Himalayan Salt

I use this salt for almost everything. It is better for you than standard table salt and truthfully tastes a heck of a lot better!





Indoor Garden

Nothing compares to fresh herbs! If you don't have access to a garden, don't like gardening, or live in an extreme climate (Minnesota shout out!), this indoor garden is perfect for you! It is seriously fool proof. It tells you when it needs water and the garden does the rest!



Seed Pods

You obviously need seed pods for your awesome indoor garden! Please note, I believe most indoor gardens come with a start pack of seed pods.





Meat Tenderizer

This thing is great for relieving a little stress after a long day! :) Read more about why I love my meat tenderizer here!





I use my spiralizer all the time because it is a time saver and is amazing for creating healthy substitutes. Some of my favorites are zucchinni noodles and sweet potato curly fries. YUMMY!!!!!




Knife Block Set

If I had to choose one kitchen tool to invest in, it would be a good and sharp knife. There is nothing worse than trying to dice a beautiful tomato but instead squishing it because of a dull knife.