The Zested Lemon Philosophy

We believe a healthy lifestyle is one that nourishes the body as well as the soul. Fortunately, food has the amazing ability of doing both and Zested Lemon is here to show you how. 

We Use a Comprehensive Approach

0We have tons of recipes but we also provide resources to help with grocery shopping, equipment and storage, kitchen organization, meal prep, cooking skills, healthy habits and everything in between. From start to finish, we are here for you.

We are Food Inclusive

Zested Lemon accepts all foods of all varieties. You won’t find any diets or food restrictions here. We focus on adding healthy foods to daily meals over time instead of taking away foods.

We Eat With Purpose

Foods aren’t labeled as good or bad. Cupcakes aren’t bad and you aren’t bad for eating them. Food is food. We believe there is a time, place and purpose for everything. For example:

I’m Rachel!

Creator of Zested Lemon

You have a lot of options about who to follow, recipes to make and ways to get healthy. So, I aim to earn the trust of my readers with every post.

If you’re curious about the woman behind the website, here is a little about me. 

My husband, Tom, and I have a little boy named Brooks. Zested Lemon has really become a family affair. For a baby, Brooks makes a great kitchen assistant while Tom is the self-proclaimed taste tester and model for Zested Lemon.

We live in Minneapolis with our English lab, Nala, and our miniature wiener dog, Trudy. They are the funniest dog duo I’ve ever met.

I’m a former CPA, have traveled to 40+ countries and tend to take on way more projects than any sane person would ever consider. Chaos is the norm and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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