Eat More Fruits & Vegetables with These 10 Amazon Products

The crisper drawer is a death sentence for any fruit or vegetable that enters it. We are given this false sense of security that this special drawer will keep all our fruits and vegetables perfectly crisp when in reality most of the time they’re forgotten and turn to slime.

The reason we repeatedly let fresh produce go bad in the crisper drawer is simply because we can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind. The solution to this problem is pretty simple. Stop storing fresh produce in the crisper drawers.

Instead, store fruits and vegetables on an open shelf in the fridge closer to eye level. Any fresh produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated can be stored on the kitchen counter or dining table. Then every time you walk into the kitchen or open the fridge, the fruits and vegetables act as a visual reminder to be eaten. Works like a charm!

Below are my favorite storage products to get your fresh fruits and veggies out of the cursed crisper drawer and out in the open!

Rummaging through a drawer of mismatched tupperware, desperately trying to find a lid that fits is a thing of the past.

These storage containers come in three different sizes. They are all stackable and have the same lids! They make storing containers and food simple, organized and efficient.

I use these for everything because they are affordable, durable and easier to fit in drawers, cabinets and the fridge. They’re perfect for meal prep, leftovers, fruits, veggies and pretty much anything else.

These bins are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables in the fridge on open shelves. It is an easy way to create separation and organization while still being able to see exactly what you have.

These are nice for when you don’t have much height in the fridge to work with. By putting in a couple drawers for  long and narrow items (like carrots) you can easily access them while maximizing storage and staying organized.

I know mason jars are cliche for a healthy food blogger to post about but they really are great storage tools. Their shape is easy to store and maximize space in the fridge. I also love that you can easily see what is inside of them which makes life a little quicker and easier.

Mason jars are great for meal prep, salads, and on-the-go meals, but I personally use them primarily for cut up fruits and veggies (checkout this pic). A little veggie prep makes busy weeks that much easier!

I like to use these for larger items that don’t fit in bins, containers or jars like partial heads of cabbage or large amounts of spinach. They are easy to see through, affordable and much more flexible than traditional ziplock baggies.

Fresh herbs that are in a bag and stuffed in the crisper drawer will go bad. This handy little herb keeper keeps them fresher long. The tall thin shape makes it easy to store in the door of the fridge or on a shelf where it is easily seen.


Now we’re getting to the really fun stuff. Some fresh produce doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Storing it out in the open encourages you to eat more fruits and veggies.

Keep a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter or dining table. This is the exact bowl I use (see it here). Also, fruits and vegetables add a splash of color to your decor!

Don’t have the counter space to spare or need more storage? Try these wall-mounted fruit baskets.

I LOVE this hanging fruit basket. It is just as much decor as it is functional storage. I’m have one and painted it brass to match the rest of my kitchen! I keep citrus fruits in it just like this picture. It is so beautiful!

This fruit and vegetable storage unit is amazing. It is beautiful, functional and was purposely designed to hold fresh fruits and vegetables.

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