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When it comes to a healthy diet, many don’t know where to start. I often get asked, “What should I eat?”. That is a tricky question to answer because there is no ‘one size fits all’. Every single person has different tastes, dietary preferences, schedules, goals, etc. The key is figuring out what works for you. To do that, you have to see what’s out there. Go online to find sources of inspiration and others with similar goals as your own.

15 Accounts Follow

Instagram and Pinterest are my two favorite online sources of inspiration because they are visual. After all we eat with our eyes, right? Below are some of my favorite accounts that bring me inspiration. Most are related to food (shocking) but I’ve also included a few for fitness, mindfulness and creativity… Oh and a couple of my favorite dog accounts because dogs bring me happiness and happiness is imperative for overall well-being, right? 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Minimalist Baker

Dana from Minimalist Baker is one of my favorite bloggers. Most recipes are plant-based (and special-diet friendly) which is a win in my book! Everyone could use a few more plants in their diet! Everything posted on Minimalist Baker is beautifully unique which inspires me to think outside the box!

2. Food52

Food52 features recipes from thousands of bloggers which makes for a wide array of different dishes, styles and cuisines. The diversity inspires me to try to new things. They also have an awesome message… if you want to eat better, you need to cook. AMEN!

3. Ambitious Kitchen

Monique over at Ambitious Kitchen is the queen of baking healthy goodies. I love scrolling through all her beautiful creations. Many of her recipes are gluten-free, vegan and/or paleo friendly. So much sweet deliciousness!

4. Fit Foodie Finds

I like Fit Foodie Finds because it is relatable. Lee and Linley are quirky and entertaining as all hell. They’re always having fun and making me laugh. Lee is also very open and honest about day to day life and personal challenges which is resonates with a lot of readers (myself included!). I really enjoy their breakfast ideas. There are tons of make ahead and on-the-go options.

5. Pinch of Yum

Here’s a fun fact. One of my favorite foods is soup. Lindsay from Pinch of Yum has GREAT soups in addition to tons of amazing recipes. I also love all the beautiful colors and textures she brings to her food with fresh ingredients.

6. RecipeTin Eats

Nagi over at RecipeTin Eats doesn’t focus on healthy foods or trendy diets but instead creates simple recipes that she enjoys eating. I love that she stays true to herself. It is beneficial to follow others with differing goals and points of view. It expands your horizons and keeps you from limiting yourself. I get tons of ideas from all of her food! She has a wide array of recipes!

7. Damn Delicious

Chungah over at Damn Delicious has a knack for taking simple fresh ingredients and turning them into beautiful, delicious and healthy meals. Her recipes are also easy to make which is perfect for the home cook with a busy schedule.

8. Naturally Ella

Erin from Naturally Ella is all about natural foods and healthy meals. The key to health is through cooking with nourishing foods. Her recipes have tons of seasonal ingredients and interesting combinations. Vegetables are NEVER boring at Naturally Ella.

 9. Nourish Move Love

Lindsey, from Nourish Move Love, isn’t only a fitness buff but a healthy foodie as well. I specifically like how she encourages positivity towards yourself and others. Also, she is totally rocking the mom + entrepreneur lifestyle! Talk about girl boss!

10. Body Rock Official

I’m a long time follower of Body Rock. They offer workouts you can do at home that kick your butt. I normally start sweating buckets about 2 minutes in, but afterwards I feel amazing! The workouts are also quick… like 12 to 30 minutes quick which is perfect for when life gets busy!

11. Emily Skye Fit

Emily Skye is obviously a fitness queen but she is also an overall funny and kind person. She is always spreading positive messages about body image and acceptance. Recently she’s been sharing her pregnancy journey which is honest and inspiring for all women, expecting or not!

12. Mind Body Green

Every time I visit Mind Body Green, I instantly feel a little more zen. Here can find all things wellness from food to mindfulness to lifestyle and much more. A large community of writers contribute excellent content. I enjoy reading it all!

13. Top Inspired

Who doesn’t like a good Top 10 list? Well, Top Inspired has ya covered. They do top 10 lists for everything from food to decor to travel to DIY. It is the perfect place to scroll for a little inspiration and new ideas. I particularly love looking through all their decor and organization ideas.

14. Harlow and Sage

Harlow and Sage is one of my favorite accounts of all time. Harlow and Sage used to be best friends until Sage passed away of old age. Then Harlow got two new best friends; Indiana Thunderbolt and Reese Lightening. They are such a funny threesome. These adorable little doggies bring me so much joy! All of their pictures make me want to run and hug my own pups because dogs really are human’s best friend. 🙂

15. BarkBox

Ok this one is purely for good fun. BarkBox comes up with some HILARIOUS posts. I frequently laugh out loud to myself. Laughing is good for the soul. Do yourself a favor and follow them now!

I’d love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite accounts? Where do you go for inspiration? Leave a comment below!

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