Fruits and Vegetables: Organic or Non-Organic?

Ok, real talk here. Organic food is more expensive than non-organic food and it adds up. Personally, I find it really frustrating when people try to guilt others into buying only organic options by saying things like, “A bag of organic carrots costs the same as your latte.”. Nothing about that statement is relevant or helpful to anyone.

Sure, a $5 latte may be the same cost as a bag of organic carrots but that doesn’t change the fact that a $5 bag of organic carrots is still twice as expensive as a non-organic bag of carrots. So, if you apply that logic to your entire grocery list, your weekly grocery bill suddenly doubles. As a disclaimer, this is merely for example sake. The actual difference in cost of organic and non-organic food varies greatly. 

When working with a budget, sometimes it simply isn’t an option to buy only organic produce. However, according to The Environmental Working Group we can strategically choose which fruits and vegetables to buy organic and which to buy non-organic.

The non-organic produce listed in the Dirty Dozen contained the most pesticide residue. So, get the most bang for your buck and buy organic varieties of these fruits and vegetables.

The non-organic produce listed in the Clean Fifteen contained very little if any pesticide residue. These are the best fruits and vegetables to buy non-organic if you’re looking to save your pennies (who isn’t?!). Happy Shopping!

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